Lester Fleetfoot

male human ranger, archer extraordinaire


Lester is a young man with an old soul, the dark circles under his eye and scars on his callused hands lead a casual glance to think he is well into his middle years. As a young boy his talent with a bow was applauded and groomed, joining the daggerford militia and immediately being deployed as a scout. Lester found peace in this role, the quiet solitude of the road but maintaining the purpose/comradery. Lester spent a few years with his small troop, fighting bandits and predators both outside the walls and within. He had not spoken about what brought him into the knights of the unicorn, why he left the daggerford militia or why he seems to hate werewolves with such passion. Any questions into the topic tend to get short answers and silence as he stares into his own dark memories.

His current charge is to keep Zhu Li Moon alive. He seems to take the stance that this means allowing her to experience life, and kill it before it kills her if things go south.

Lester Fleetfoot

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